Our thoughts and prayers are with the people of Turkey and Syria in these difficult and unfortunate times.



Talent Acquisition

We serve clients with recruitment, selection and placement solutions of highly qualified and experienced personnel to suite their organisational needs

Talent Rosters

We are creating talent rosters of mission-ready qualified and experience cadres including consultants who are looking for short-term assignments

Talent Systems and Processes

We offer various solutions for organizations that seek to alleviate administrative burden that comes with HR decisions and processes

Employee Wellness

We take care of all employee wellness needs by providing pre and post employment medicals. Not only that, we provide counselling and psychological support to employees to make the transition into the new work environment as comfortable as possible

People Data Analytics

We use Artificial Intelligence to analyze Business and People Data. This way, we offer our clients the opportunity to enhance their organizations by making data-driven decisions and to better understand the trends of the parameters that affect their operations


We provide Infographics and advanced data presentation solutions to help visualize your business data vividly and with ease. Our infographic services will help you to communicate with your clients and stakeholders in a more distinct, impressionable and meaningful manner


International Non-Governmental Organizations

Our drive is to aid mission based organizations in their efforts to save and improve lives. We help International Non-Governmental Organizations to secure talent for Executive, Middle Management and General roles for both short term and long term deployments

Healthcare and Social Services

Talent Fusion is working with Health and Social Service Authorities in the UK, Scotland and Canada in searching for, recruiting and facilitating the traveling and on-boarding of Nurses, Nurse Aids and other healthcare professionals from Africa, South America and Asia

Banking and Finance

We assist Banks and Development Organizations operating in both localized and global contexts to acquire highly experienced talent in the banking, finance and commerce sectors

Tech Jobs

We secure highly suitable talent for Tech Companies in thier ever evolving

Why Talent Fusion is the best to serve you

EXPERIENCE - founded on over 20 years of experience in providing strategic and operational human resources support in humanitarian, charity, micro-finance institutions and health care industries across the globe. Highly knowledgeable of mission-based organizations
FAMILIARITY WITH HR PROCEDURES - well versed with the end-to-end processes of human resource systems and processes required for staffing emergency / humanitarian responses, rehabilitation programs and humanitarian development projects
TECHNOLOGY - paper-less systems riding on modern technological human resource needs. Our technological systems alleviates administrative burden and allows the ability for HR professionals to dedicate their time to more strategic functions offered by a company
BESPOKE PACKAGES - Talent Fusion has flexible and bespoke packages that are tailor made to suit the exact needs for its clients that ranges from fragile context (i.e war zone situations), hard to fill roles and general emergency programs. This is facilitated by our comprehensive team
QUALITY GUARANTEE - We guarantee the highest level of quality not only to employers, but also to applicants when they use Talent Fusion services. With Talent Fusion, all parties are guaranteed a productive working system
READILY AVAILABLE TALENT - Talent Fusion through its proactive staffing roasters has pre-vetted candidates, consultancies and volunteers available for deployment to a mission within a short-period of time

Grow with Talent Fusion

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Our Global Reach

Our individual team members have successfully facilitated the recruitment and placement of talent in fragile and complex humanitarian responses in some of the undermentioned global responses
South Sudan Response - Deployed global and strategic planning systems in South Sudan between 2002 and 2022
Phillipines Response - Critical projects undertaken in Phillipines include end to end exit survey systems
Sahel Region Response - Developed HR BI dashboards implemented in Sahel Region
Sri Lanka Response - Critical projects undertaken in Phillipines include end to end exit survey system, in 2006
Haiti Response - Developed HR BI dashboards implemented in Sahel Region from 2008 - 2009
Zimbabwe Response - Develop HR BI dashboards that are regularly implemented across Zimbabwe

About Us

Talent Fusion partners with mission based organizations (International Non Governmental Organizations, Charity Organizations, Healthcare Institutions and Microfinance Institutions) by providing them with Strategic Manpower Planning, International Recruitment Services, On-boarding assistance, Employee Mental Health and Wellness Support and Data Analytics to enhance their impact and their speed as they respond to humanitarian needs caused by war, climate change (drought and floods) or pandemics. We also assist Job Seekers and Consultancies to get mission based jobs in areas where they are needed the most

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